Oni is probably one of the worst timed games in the world. Coming out at around the same time as Halo (also made by Bungie), it was a pretty good game that was ignored by most of the respective gaming community. Still, it's an action packed 3D beat-em-up that will definitely capture your attention if you ignore a few little details.

Starting up the game, you'll be introduced to a quick - however totally unrelated - anime cut scene. Watch if you want or skip to the menu if you want to cut to the action. Go and set your options, however, the first thing you'll notice is that you can't change your controls. This is one of the "few details" that I hinted at. If you bought the PC version, you can change it but only by editing the text file "key_config" that's inconveniently put in Oni's folder. If you bought the PS2 version, well, you're probably used to it by now.

So, bam, you're finally set to play the game. Select New Game, since you haven't played it yet! Unless you download the handy dandy OSGE save game editor. Either way, you're put into an inescapable tutorial. It's actually quite necessary, but meh. It introduces you to Oni's excellent combat system. Combos, gunplay - all seamlessly integrated. Grab an opponent's neck and swing around, kicking all your enemies to the floor, then grabbing a nearby shotgun and blasting another opponent in mid-flight. COOL!

Graphics are OK, however, character design is quite bland (masses of faceless enemies, anyone?), and the walls and surfaces are usually single texture, and boring. But once again, it's something you shouldn't notice, unless you're some kind of style freak.

Sound is also, OK. Nothing special people.

Gameplay is, as I have said, incredibly brilliant.

AI is, smart sometimes, dumb sometimes. It's not unusual for them to gang up on you and distract you while others get a weapon. On the other end of the spectrum, sometimes, you'll witness them running right over edges, rolling into walls, doing combos directed at no one in particular and such. But for the most part, they still are a challenge - even if that's only due to numbers.

So, yeah, it's a good game to buy, it's fun, entertaining, and cheap! Since no one really bought it in favor of Halo, it's still an good game and if you find it in stores, it will probably sell for $10 US.

Score: 8.5/10

And yes, Konoko is hot. GO BUY THIS GAME!

This review has been written by nolimittostupidity.