Naruto - Saikyou Ninja Daikesshu

Naruto: Saikyou Ninja Daikesshu, a new Japanese only platformer for the GBA, is your standard "run to object", "fight", "collect coin", platformer with a few twists.

Also, it's Japanese ONLY. Now, I don't speak Japanese. So how did I play this? Well it's a straightforward platformer. You really don't need to know any Japanese. However, most definitely, if you don't know Japanese, you'll miss out on Naruto's inherent humor. Also, since I've played this already, beat it with all the characters, if you need help on something, just
ASK. I'm always here on the forums, and you can PM me anytime.

Soo, upon starting up the game, the first thing you should do, if you don't know Japanese, is start the game. Select the first menu item you see. Oooh, that was hard wasn't it? Then, select a character. You can either choose Uzumaki Naruto, or Uchida Sasuke. They play similarily, so, just choose your favorite. Character design is good, they look like the characters in the show, just shorter. And they are balanced also. For example, sasuke has an easier time doing his moves, and they are easier to pull off, however, Naruto's are much more powerful, however require more skill to pull off.

Which brings me to the next thing. The combat. Now, there are four ways to fight. You can run up to them and beat the crap out of them, or throw one of the 3 types of sharp weapons (needles, shurikens, and kunai, which you switch by getting certain powerups. Also, you have an unlimited amount). There are also some special like element attacks, which you get at the start of each level. They are used to break barriers, or just attack enemies. For example, on the grasslands level, you get this underground strike which can topple your opponents, or dig a hole to get to other places. And finally, there is what you probably will get this game for.

About jutsus... For those who don't watch the series, or know squat about Japanese mythology and martial arts, a jutsu is a technique, or a special move. And if it's at the end of a word, like ninjutsu, it's the collection of moves, so ninjutsu is a collection of ninja moves and techniques. The jutsu system in Naruto is straightforward. Hold down the attack button (if I remember correctly, if I'm wrong, just hold down any key until your character's hands change position and a bar appears) and then a bar will appear and start to increase. That bar decides what jutsu you will perform. Each character has his own jutsu's. There's 4 levels to the jutsu's, and they drain your magic bar of sorts, which is called a chakra bar. The longer you hold down for a jutsu, the more powerful and thus more chakra consuming the jutsu is. Also, there is a red part of the bar. If you hit that bar, you will fail to perform the jutsu and lose a small amount of chakra. Notice that the character's personality and fighting style moves into this as well. Naruto, who in the series is reckless and unreliable at his jutsu's, has a larger red bar, and thus a higher chance of failure, than Sasuke's.

The bosses have strategies to them each, and I'm not going to spoil it for you. They are usually just people from the series, and the storyline only remotely follows it.

However, I do have some qualms. The sound is very weak, and at some points is near non-existent. Also, the game is remarkably easy, and the enemies are very stupid. Including the bosses. Also, combat, despite the twists involved, is very generic and repetitive. There is abolutely no replay value, and the game is undeniably short. However, you do get a secret character if you play right.

On the overall, an 8/10. It's a good game, but you may be discouraged to get it, since it is foreign, and you will need to import it. Besides, honestly, it's not revolutionary.

This review has been written by nolimittostupidity.