Stay Connected with KAF Mobile

You can access KAF nearly anytime on your mobile phone or PDA! KAF Mobile supports all standard mobile browsers. We have two separate versions: the handheld version of the main website, and the scaled down mobile version. The former has far more features but consumes much more memory, whereas the latter is fit for smaller and less-capable devices such as cellphones.

Handheld version for PDAs

Handheld version preview

Update: Currently this handheld version is not available. We are working to solve this problem.

If you have a PDA, PSP, or another mobile device, you should be able to freely access Keiichi Anime Forever at its main address of:

A special "handheld" display will show instead of this wide layout. As this is just the regular site, you should have access to all the functions, though some may not display correctly on a small screen. If you have memory problems with this version, try the scaled down more limited but less memory-intensive version mobile version instead.

KAF Mobile for Cellphones/etc.

KAF Mobile version preview

We have a special KAF Mobile version of the site for cellphones and similar with internet access. Generally, these devices cannot store as much memory and so the main handheld version will not work. Only a subset of features are available on KAF Mobile:

  • Anime News (from KAF and AnimeNewsNetwork)
  • KAF News
  • Japanese Name Translator
  • Syllabary Translator
  • MIDI music files

Please visit the respective URL for the type of browser you use. If you are unsure, try the first one, then the second, and then the third. Japanese users will likely choose the cHTML version.

  1. For XHTML, visit the address:
  2. For WML/WAP, visit the address:
  3. For i-mode/cHTML, visit the address:

Trying it on your browser right now

Your browser may (very unlikely) be able to display all/some of the mobile versions: XHTML, WAP, i-mode. If you, for some reason, want to visit some of these versions on your computer, you will have to download an emuilator.