Naruto Photoshop Tutorial

Learn how to create a text just like the anime series NARUTO with this easy to use Adobe Photoshop tutorial (note, this tutorial was created for version CS/8, but should work for the later older versions). Before you begin, remember to download the Ninja Naruto font.

Before you begin, know that there is NaruTxtGen, a generator that will do all of this work for you (but the quality may not be as good).

Create a new document in Photoshop with a transparent background, of any size that you may need (for this tutorial, 328x199 pixels will be used for the dimensions).

Now, with the text tool, pick the Ninja Naruto font, and type only one character (like just S in Sasuke). If you want to make the font rough, turn off anti-aliasing for the text. Open the Blending Options dialog (right click the layer and select Blending Options), and apply a Gradient Overlay (make it fade from #F0AF23 to #EF0E29). Then, apply a white Stroke. Continue the same thing for the rest of the letters, creating a new text layer for each letter, and positioning them so the letters are not touching, but the borders / strokes are overlapping.

Then, rasterize every letter by right clicking each text layer and selecting Rasterize.

Rasterize Layer

After you're done with that, go to the Layer menu, and select Merge Visible.

Merge Visible

All the layers should now be only one layer, and to look similar to this (the white border can not be seen in the following example due to this page's background):

Sasuke Stage 1

Now, go to the Blending Options dialog for that one layer, and add a drop shadow (you may want/need to adjust the distance depending on your text size), and a stroke (you may want/need to adjust the size depending on your text size). Now, you should end up with something similar to the following:

Sasuke Stage 2

You may additionally want to add a pinkish spiral, and some small red text in the corner if you wish, but that is not explained in this tutorial. With a spiral (using the color #F551A6), and some small text (using the color #FF0000 and also the font Impact with Horizontal Scale set at 120%), the following is an example (the spiral doesn't look very spiral-ish because I accidentally made circles instead, but you can do better, right?):

Special Instructions for a Spiral: Okay, if you do not wish to draw your own spiral, I have compiled this spiral template PSD (only tested in Photoshop CS) that you can use as a template for your own logo. It has two spirals, the original [crooked] one I made and one created by Syko. Download it, drag one of the spirals to your own logo, and resize as needed.

Naruto Font Tutorial - Sasuke Final

You should be done now!