Ninja Naruto Font

Welcome to the official source for the one and only Naruto font, Ninja Naruto, for the popular NARUTO series.

Naruto Logo Title Screen

Ninja Naruto is a free unofficial font font to mimic the text of the Naruto series. This font is used by a lot of people, one of them the famous ANBU subbing group for overlay on their fansubs. It can be used for forum elements, graphics, designs, or products. It is free to use for both personal and commercial purposes (see the license for more information).

The font contains all uppercase alphanumeric characters and a few symbols. As of now, it is packaged as a TrueType font (TTF) and should be usable on several platforms. Ninja Naruto is only the shape of the font; it has no colors, borders, or shadows. To make the text colorful, you could either use NaruTxtGen for it to do it for you or do it yourself in Adobe Photoshop.

The package is a compressed ZIP archive and TUGZip (Windows) or StuffIt (Mac) is needed to uncompress it. You can install it on Windows by going to the fonts folder (usually C:\WINDOWS\Fonts or C:\WINNT\Fonts) and going to File > Install New Font.

Download the Ninja Naruto font (2.0, 9th Oct 2004)

Usage License

This typeface is the property of The Risen Realm and Keiichi Anime Forever and its use by you is covered under the terms of a license agreement.

This typeface may be used for either personal or commercial purposes. You may distribute this software provided you keep it unmodified and  distributed for free. This software may not be sold alone or with another product. This software may not be modified.