Downloading Anime Fansubs

Downloading Anime

You can download subbed anime via several ways. All the methods have their own advantages and disadvantages.

  • BitTorrent
  • Peer to Peer (P2P)
  • Newsgroups (Usenet)
  • IRC


BitTorrent is easy to use and is very popular. It is probably the easiest way to download anime fansubs. Simultaneously when a user is downloading, that user is also uploading the parts of the file he or she already has to other users. This way, all the downloads are downloads from each other.

BitTorrent files are .torrent and they only contain information about the file(s). To acctually download the file, a BitTorrent client is needed in order to synchronize downloading from and uploading to other users. There is always the official BitTorrent client. but there are also other BitTorrent clients available. To find torrents for anime, you may visit AnimeSuki (unlicensed) or

Speeds for BitTorrent will range on the popularity of the torrent. Additionally, if you are using a router or firewall, it is important that you manually forward the required ports used by BitTorrent or you will face very slow speeds. Some ISPs may even limit the speed of the BitTorrent ports so you may wish to change the ports BitTorrent uses.

Peer 2 Peer

With the general peer to peer applications, you will be downloading from another user but not uploading like BitTorrent Programs include LimeWire and eDonkey. There's also Anime Fantasia which solely revolves around anime (you will first need to register with the site and set up WinMX accordingly).

Your mileage may vary when using peer to peer. Users may sign off at any time and you will no longer have anyone to download from.

Newsgroups (Usenet)

Newsgroups can be a bit intimidating to a newbie, but with some help, it can be achieved. Check out the aba/abma newsgroup community for more information about connecting to the related anime newsgroups. You can access the newsgroups via a newsgroup reader such as Xnews or Agent/Free Agent. Unlike BitTorrent, you do not upload at the same time. If you want to post files, you may want to check out PowerPost.

To use newsgroups, you may have to subscribe to another service and pay a monthly/yearly fee.


For networks, you can try DALnet or Enter the Game. If you are new to IRC, you can read the IRC Leeching For Dummies guide or the IRC Miniguide. Other helpful links to search IRC include IRC Spy and PacketNews.

How legal is this?

Please read this well researched forum discussion on the legality of fansubbed anime.

Some information was partly based on an article on Animetique.